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Virtual Reality Content Manager
This is a content management system for virtual reality. The system facilitates VR shows for one or several people.
What is VR Content Manager (VRCM)?
VRCM is an app that can be installed in a smartphone, tablet or computer. The application can manage content displayed in virtual reality headsets. For example, you can use a tablet installed with the VRCM app to launch a 360° video or any other content for either one person or an entire audience. You can also switch between contents when viewing it or collect view statistics.
Why Choose VR Content Manager?
VRCM is easy to use. The app features a user-friendly and intuitive interface. This enables the end-user to avoid wasting precious time simply trying to figure out how the features work. Moreover, only one person is needed to manage the application.

Where can it be used?
VRCM will be a perfect choice for use at VR movie theaters and at trade show booths. It will also be an ideal solution for a lecture or performance during a conference, exhibition, presentation for a customer, a birthday party, and other large events.
How much does VRCM cost?
You can try VRCM for free! This is important in promoting the VR technology and making it more accessible to people. We are always open to your suggestions and really appreciate your feedback on how to improve our services. If you would want us to host your own event, brand your interface or develop a custom content for you, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.
Which VR headsets are compatible with VRCM?
VRCM is a universal app and it is compatible with most VR headsets in the market. It can also work with different VR headsets at the same time.

How do I download and install the app?
You can download the app by selecting your device at the bottom of the web page. If you need help installing or using the app, contact us by e-mail.
Intuitive and user-friendly
How VRCM works
Only three steps are required to host a VR show using VRCM:
VRCM Server
Install the VRCM Server app in the device that will be used to manage the content.
VRCM Client
Install the VRCM Client app in all the smartphones that are packaged together with virtual reality headsets.
Connect all the devices to a private
Wi-Fi network

You are good to go!
Baltic Weekend 2016
About the Project
How did VR Content Manager come into being?
Our studio has been in the virtual reality business since late 2013. Our first project was created for SOCHI 2014. Since then, we have participated in dozens of events, where we have used virtual reality to promote various brands. The VR technology is new: people need time to master how to operate VR headsets, while blindly looking for buttons. As a result, the engagement time for one customer increases significantly, which subsequently frightens and drives away other customers. First, we developed VRCM for our own convenience – to enable our promo crew work conveniently and efficiently. But later, we realized that this was both interesting and useful not only for our team. We wish to make virtual reality more accessible to people!

Alexander Milokhov
VRCM founder, CEO, Great Gonzo Studio
Where has VRCM been demonstrated?
VRCM has been presented and demonstrated at various shows from Minsk to Berlin:
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